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1.000 Ft - 130.000 Ft

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Better protection against the sun Protects against 98% of UV rays thanks to its high UV protection index UP...

Flexa 3.2.2
Mares Flexa 3.2.2

€ 253.80

The intelligent family suits. Feel the difference!• 100% ultrastretch unparalled comfort• Back protection s...

Reef 3mm
Mares Reef 3mm

€ 160.00

The Reef wetsuit is cool, stretchy and ideal for temperate water! With a soft, stretchy rubber panel on the...

Hanger HG-200

HG-200 Scuba HangerDesign for holding BCD, Wetsuit, or Dry suitScuba Gear Technical Information:Material: POM.

Gator Wraps

Tightening calf wraps reduce inflation of diving suit at calf and foot part while swimming in an appropriat...

Easy Gripper

Make your QD coupler easier to operate Helps when wearing thick gloves Wide, easy to grip collar Flat side ...

E/O cord 9,6mm

9.6mm diameter Compound can be separated under water Approx. Length of 100cm 2 contacts (plug / socket)

Aquasure 250gr

The worldwide industry standard for permanent, maximum strength repairs to wet or dry suits and many other ...

McNett COTOL-240

For use with Aquasure®, Seamgrip® and Freesole™ urethane adhesives. Speeds tack time to 15 minutes and full...

McNett BLACK WITCH 28ml - Black Formula

The new Black Witch toluene free formula is suitable for quick, (up to one hour) repairs, of Neoprene rips ...


StandardA pocket suitable for sticking on a diving suit, velcro closure. Made for carrying a spare mask, re...

Drysuit Hanger

Designed for quick drainage and drying Hang your drysuit upside down by the boots Great add-on for drysuit ...

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