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1.000 Ft - 130.000 Ft

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Rover 12S Regulator

Performance, reliability and simplicity• Continuous no-fail reliability over time• Four pre-oriented LP por...

AIR-3 Second Stage Scuba Regulator

AIR-300 Second Stage Scuba Regulator.This is a feature rich integrated octo. Yet its size and weight is har...

Mini Tech SPG

Bright, white face - easy to read Ready to mount directly to a HP port of first stage Ready to mount direct...

Highland Argon Regulator

Compact first stage designed specifically for drysuit inflation DIN 1st stage for low profile attachment Fa...

Atomic Aquatics M1

€ 594.00

Especially engineered and certified for cold water; brass chromed, 2 HP and 5 LP ports,360 degree swivel he...

Mission 1
Mares Mission 1

€ 80.00

An anti-shock case with a precise pressure gauge featuring an easy-to-read display. Includes multiple attac...

Mission 2
Mares Mission 2

€ 132.99

This analog console with pressure and depth gauges offers a simple yet versatile option for upgrading from ...

Mission 3
Mares Mission 3

€ 170.00

This analog console is completed with a compact digital compass. The optimally angled shock resistant case ...

Mission Puck 2

The Puck computer capsule includes a compact, easy-to-read pressure gauge with a chrome-plated, brass body ...

Mission Puck 3

The intuitive Mission Puck 3 console is compact and versatile, including a compact, dedicated compass to me...

Mission 2C
Mares Mission 2C

€ 128.00

An analog console with pressure gauge and compass, at an optimal angle for reading both at the same time.Pr...

Rover 2S
Mares Rover 2S

€ 182.99

The ideal dive regulator for dive center rental, the Rover 2S is easy to maintain, with a sandblasted finis...

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