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1.000 Ft - 130.000 Ft

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EEZYCUT Trilobite

The unique cutting mechanism of the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE provides the cleanest, sharpest, most effortless cutt...

13 colours available
Thor Scuba Knife

Thor Scuba Knife (SS or CHROME)The AQUATEC Thor Dive knife is perfect for diving knife. The advantages of t...

2 colours available
Tiger Scuba Knife

Tiger Scuba Knife in 3 variants (Titanium, Point or Blunt)The AQUATEC Tiger Dive knife is perfect for divin...

Galaxy Scuba Knife

KN-100 Galaxy Scuba KnifeThe Galaxy is equally at home on your key chain as it is 1000 feet off the deck. B...

Inflator Tool

• Perfect field service tool • Service for Highland Inflator • Internal spanner for power inflator button •...

Handwheel Tool

Ideal for assemlby of rubber knobs

Regulator Adjuster

For adjustment of Apeks regulators - Intermediate pressure of 1st stage - Breathing resistance of 2nd stage...

Regulator Cover Removal Tool

• Easy removal of second stage front covers • Silicone material provides excellent grip • Fits most manufac...

Force Plus
Mares Force Plus

€ 61.00

The standard sized Force Plus knife is a 10cm stainless steel blade with built-in line cutter. Its special ...

Force Nano Plus

The Force Nano Plus is a compact knife ideal for any situation. A 6.5cm stainless steel blade with built-in...

v4tec Wetnote-Tool

The one and only v4tec tool for wetnotes. Combines the ability to change 2nd Stages and handle valves with ...

Regulator Support Handle

Heavy-duty chromed brass construction Stainless steel threaded ends One end with standard high pressure por...

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