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Sopras Sub is the manufacturer of quality scuba diving equipment. Sopras Sub is based in Europe and distributed worldwide. Sopras Sub takes pride in producing high quality scuba diving gear that is reliable and dependable. Scuba diving is an exceptionally equipment intensive sport and can you afford to rely on unpredictable scuba gear. Sopras...

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Adapter 9/16 -> 2 X 3/8

With this adapter, the 1st stage's 9/16 low pressure connection can be switched to two 3/8 connection.Mater...

Sopras Amaranto

€ 3.40

Discount price: € 3.30

Velcro sandals from Sopras with lightweight foam pads. Ideal for summer wear.

Wrist Seal
Sopras Wrist Seal

€ 23.10

Spare bell shaped wrist seal for drysuits.

Mouthpiece Octopus Holder

Thanks to it's mouthpiece form, the octopus stays in it's place.You can easily attach it to your BC with a ...

DIN Dust Cap

Protects the 1st stage from dust and excessive water. Made from aluminum.

Sopras Elegant

€ 6.90

Discount price: € 3.30

Slipper for women with leather strap, light foam rubber sole.Ideal for summer wear.

Antifreeze Kit

Antifreeze ki for Jupiter 1st stage from Sopras. With the help of this kit you may able to dive in cold wat...

Semidry Gloves
Sopras Semidry Gloves

€ 24.50

Discount price: € 16.63

Semi-dry neoprene gloves for cold water diving.Double cuffs at the wrists make sure that the thermal isolat...

Sopras Freetime

€ 6.90

Discount price: € 3.30

Velcro slippers for kids, with light plastic sole.Ideal for summer wear.

Gator Wraps
Sopras Gator Wraps

€ 29.90

Gator Wraps prevent annoying accumulations of gas in the foot and calf range of the suit and increase there...

Spherical Octopus Holder

Thanks to its spherical shape the octopus is stable on it's place.With a stainless key ring, which is pract...

Child Shorty
Sopras Child Shorty

€ 43.80

Discount price: € 21.97

3 mm neoprene shorty for kids.Comfortable wearThanks to it's zippered back, it can be easily donned and dof...


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